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    about us.

    Created by an American who has been living in China for many years, this site is designed to make your everyday life much more enjoyable.  The site is designed for the English speaker, while retaining Chinese elements that will make communication with Chinese locals more effective and convenient.


    Major Chinese Cities


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    Our focus.

    Our site will make a huge difference in your China life.
    Web Design

    Responsive web design intended to work on both mobile and desktop browsers, inside and outside of China.


    All Chinese content is translated to English for your convenience. We can also provide Chinese to English services - please contact us for a custom quotation.


    Submit reviews for your favorite restaurants and up your membership level!


    We help you find top shops close to where you are and help you get there.


    Quick Intro

    Our site is designed to be intuitive and efficient:

    Major Cities

    We make an educated guess regarding which China city you are in and start you off with the top picks for the entire city.  You may change the city if you wish.


    Diverse Foods

    Choose the type of food you are interested in.  You can do a general search across all categories (choose “Any” at  the top) or select a more specific category such as Western, Thai, or Vietnamese to suit your mood.


    Location-Based Search

    You may search for the shops within a certain range from your current location.  You can use the default geolocation provider (Google for Android, Apple for iOS), use China-based Baidu, or manually choose your location by dragging a pin.


    Price Screening

    You can use the slider to set the lower and upper price range  to suit your budget.  



    We know how challenging everyday life can be in a foreign land.

    This site was a lifesaver for me after coming to China.  I don’t speak any Chinese and I had no idea where to go to get good food and coffee.  Using this site, I was able to check out nearby restaurants and even use it to order the dishes I want.  Thanks, NiftyPower!

    Stacy Gomez

    NiftyPower User


    Our team.

    Our global team works around the clock to meet your needs.
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    Follow the latest updates and changes.

    We're here for you

    We are committed to providing the most up-to-date mainland China shop info that you can find.

    Pandemic Update: 1/21/2020
    Thanks for checking out our site!  We will be transitioning our services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for new developments!
    Dish Database
    We have greatly boosted the number of dish names, each carrying an English translation. We now have well over 2 million Chinese to English translations.
    Review system
    The new review system should make it easy to write reviews for your favorite shops. Leave at least 3 reviews per month to maintain your VIP user status!

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